A Channelled Message

Several times over the past few weeks I have channelled messages from my guardian angels and the Archangels.  I am going to post the ones that they are telling me to.  This is the first one from my Guardian Angel:-

I am your Guardian Angel

I am always there for you

Silently in the background

Awaiting your requesting

My help and clemency

Silently in the background

So tell me how to help you

And I will get to work

Silently in the background

Have patience while you’re waiting

Subtlety is my name

Silently in the background!

I was told to pass this on to remind you that your own guardian angels are waiting for you to ask.  They cannot help if you don’t ask.  And they work in mysterious ways, it’s not always obvious how they are helping you either.


#channelled #guardianangel #archangel


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