First Ever Worskhop

Hi all,

Yesterday, I taught my first ever ‘hands on’ workshop in Unicorn Healing. 

I was so nervous about doing it, literally shaking.  Luckily, the 3 people that I was teaching were all so lovely, that I soon got over the nervousness.

Was still worried, I know I can send attunements distantly, have done a fair few now, but could I do it there in the room.  Would I be able to concentrate?  

Not only did I manage, but all 3 had wonderful unicorn experiences, I was so pleased for them.  They all met their Unicorn Guides and were fairly emotional because of it.  

By the end of it I was buzzing.  I was so high with excitement, happiness that it had all gone well, emotional because I had managed it, amazed at the lovely people I met – that I could not manage to ground myself last night.  I was so high I crashed out a couple of hours later, and once I went to bed and tried to ground myself it was just not working.

Luckily, this morning, after a good nights sleep (well apart from the dodgy dreams about people that arent in my life anymore and that I don’t want in my life either!) I did finally manage to meditate and ground myself fully.

Thank the angels that I did, I would have been floating around all day otherwise lol.

I really cannot wait to do another one 🙂


Nikki xxx

#unicornworkshop #grounding #floating #baddreams


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