Unicorns Galore

Hi Everyone,

Just thought I would share a few things with you all.

Firstly, my lovely other half decided he wanted to be attuned to his Unicorn Guide last night, and it was my honour to do that for him. Although he didn’t meet his guide, he did feel him or her, and had glimpses so is going to continue making the connection stronger.

Secondly, I have had a few card readings recently, especially one I had the other day connected to my Gaia/Atlantean attunements, that specifically tell me to make my connection with my Unicorns even stronger.

Thirdly, bearing this in mind, I asked my unicorns the other day, to indicate a crystal that I could use to connect with them more easily. Don’t get me wrong, I can anyway, but I wanted something physical as well. Well, after attuning Chris, for some reason I was drawn to using my fishtail selenite last night with the express instruction to call Mystic.

Now as some of you know I have always seen Mystic as the embodiment of all my unicorns rather than a seperate entity. Last night I was put right about that lol in a major way!

The meditation that I did with the selenite connected me with Mystic in a way that I haven’t done before. I was shown and sent some information that I was told to share with all of you. So here it is:-

In my meditation I was met by Mystic, where she introduced herself properly. She is the Over Seer of the Unicorns before they go to their ‘people’. Almost like a match maker. She informed me that I was the earth bound Over Seer or Guardian of this process. One of many, but still an important role and I was being honoured as one last night. I was shown hundreds of unicorns all waiting to be matched or chosen. There was so much love in that area, it was peaceful, and all of those near me, greeted me and touched their horns to my third eye. It was truly amazing.

The unicorns were all white or black whilst they are waiting, their colours are given to them when they are chosen. They have some say though, and can influence their colours and names if they so wish. There were foals, mares and stallions, plus pegasus’s. Lots of them. The white ones are usually transformed into the lighter colours whereas the black are the darker colours when they meet their humans.

There is almost a type or hierarchy to them, depending on the strength of their energy, and what you need at the time.

Starting with the white/black foals, with the softest energy, going up through the white mares, white stallions, black mares, black stallions up to the white pegasus and then the strongest of energies the black pegasus. The darker colours are sent to those who have shadows in their past to deal with. And as I already mentioned on Sunday, the black pegasus is a strength to be reckoned with, he is strong and forceful, because when they show up, it is to make you realise your truth and to act upon it and make drastic changes.

If you are given a foal, they grow with you. As you develop and can take on more of their energy, then they grow to give you that energy. It was all so emotional and fulfilling to see them. Some of them were getting reading to join their humans, and their excitement at it was almost electric. They do feel these emotions even though they are ascended beings. And look forward to it just as much as we do. They live and love to give their energy, help, love and wisdom to work with. I was told ‘it’s what they do".

Lastly, getting excited, I didn’t mention it on Sunday, but I am having some Unicorn carvings delivered in the next few weeks to a month. I am waiting to pay my last invoice for some other pieces, then we will be arranging importing everything altogether. I can’t wait. So giving you guys a sneak peek with the photo attached – there are 10 coming over, one possible two are already spoken for. The rest will be available and come in various crystals. (Attaching a pic so you can see).

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Nikki x

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