What A Year 2014 Was!!!

My first blog of 2015 looking back at what an amazing year I have had.  Yes, there have been some ups and downs.  The worst down has been only recently when we were broken into whilst we slept.  My laptop and quite a few other electronic items were taken.

It really hit me hard.  The thought that someone had been in my house whilst my family and me were asleep totally freaked me out.  And even though it happened with us in the house – I still have a feeling of dread every time we turn the corner into our street.  It is so not a nice feeling.  I have more or less got over the loss of the items.  My laptop was the hardest to deal with – all my photos, work and study materials were on there.  It was my life (well apart from the kids lol).  Waiting for the insurance to replace it.  Using my other half’s when he isn’t using it.  Its a bit depressing.  But I learnt a lesson that it is just ‘stuff’.  It can all be replaced and will be.  My family was far more important.

The ups though – they outweigh the downs.  I started my own business, which is doing reasonably well.  I have made some wonderful new friends.  And reinforced relationships with old ones.  I have given my other half and his friend a creative urge, they are making all orgone pieces that I sell in my etsy shop.  We have shipped them all over the world, including the US, where orgone first originated, which makes us all proud.  Starting my webpage.  Doing a show (many more in the future hopefully).  And many personal things that have been fantastic as well.

So for me, despite the ending being bad, 2014 was a pretty good year.  And I am looking forward to a fantastic 2015.  


Nikki xx

#newyear2015 #lookingbackon2014


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