Self Promotion and other bits!

Hi all,

I have a real problem with self promotion – I just don’t like doing it.  It makes me feel like I am just being that little bit too pushy.  But if I don’t promote myself – who is going to do it for me? No-one.  So with that in mind, I am promoting my items a lot more on my facebook page etc.  This may put some of you off, but this is the only source of income that I have.  I want to be able to contribute to the household expenses, treat my kids once in a while and build a thriving sole trader business.  

I am doing far more networking with other pages and sites to get my name out there more, not just for readings and healings but for all the items Chris, Gary and I make.  Our pyramids and jewellery etc. need new homes lol.  

I have a huge amount of crystals to get photographed and uploaded into etsy as well.  This takes a lot of time, so I do it in batches.  Its the only way I can cope with it all – taking the photos, uploading them, watermarking and cropping them before entering them onto etsy.  I am not complaining though, I secretly love doing it lol.

I have not promoted my go fund page in a while – and this is something else that I don’t like doing.  It feels like begging.  Asking for donations to help build my dream!  I want to build myself a therapy centre in my back garden.  So I can practice hands on healings, and teaching in person.  So having said that – my link is –

I have raised £76 in total so far from some lovely supporters.  Plus you do get some things in return for donating – there are rewards for donating certain amounts.  Why not pop over there and check them out?  Not only will you get a reward but you will be helping me to achieve a dream.

Plus part of the total needed was to replace the fencing around the garden, well with the high winds, I now have no fencing lol so need to raise the funds to get it replaced.  This will be the first part of the renovations.

The end of last year was a bit of a nightmare with the burglary, but the insurance was sorted out, and I got a new laptop.  Its not my old one though and still have days when I realise how much I lost with that laptop, but I am slowly getting used to this one.  Especially Windows 8 – not particulaly loving that lol.

Anyway, enough rambling tonight. Hope you all have a great week.


Nikki xx

#selfpromotion #gofundme #etsy


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