My Mystical Musings This Week!

I have spent a huge amount of time this week re-doing a lot of the work that was lost when my laptop was stolen.  Not only that (and you can probably see in my blogs) but I am in the process of adding a lot of new stock to my Etsy Shop – – why not check out the whole shop and see if anything sparks your fancy at all. (A girl can only try and earn a living lol).

Whilst doing all this my main spiritual focus has been on forgiving others (and myself).  I know I have no regrets over anything I have done in the past, however, I needed to forgive myself for having less than charitable thoughts about some of the people involved in my past.  And then it was time to forgive them for all the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual damage that they may have (or that I perceived them to have) done to me.  It is still a work in progress but I am getting there.  It gets easier every day.

I have also had some wonderful channelled messages, poems and other things in the pipeline, given to me by both my own guides and the Archangels.  It is an exciting time for me.  There are so many directions I want to go, but need to work out my priorities and then go through the list.  

I am thinking that this working on the past has been all to do with the mercury retrograde that is happening at the moment, and the energetic shifts that will be occurring during 2015.  Without working through them, I know I will not progress as far as I need to spiritually.

I think that is enough of my weird and wonderful ramblings this week.  See you again next week for another installment of Nikki’s Thoughts.


Nikki xx

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