A Little Bit About Me

I thought I would take the opportunity this week to tell you all about me!

I am a 42 (nearly 43) year old woman who has never been married but is in a long term partnership with my fantastic other half – Chrysostomos or Chris for short.

We have 5 kids.  I had 3 from my previous relationship and 2 with Chris.  Our blended family is hard work at times.  But I love all of them so much.  My eldest daughter – Jessebea – has moved out.  Her and her partner are currently saving for a flat of their own, having lived together at both my house and his parent’s house.  My 16 year old son has just got his first job.  I am really proud of him, he is staying on at school for the time being as well as working.  Then my youngest 3 (8, 4 and 2) are just adorable (when they are asleep), it’s a mad house when all 3 of them are on the go lol.

I started reading cards when I was 17.  My mum bought my first set and I can’t say I have ever looked back or had any regrets.  Although, it wasn’t something I spoke about openly for a long time, I did some readings for others usually for free.  Then in August 2013 I decided it was time to change all that, it was a skill I had, and as I had given up work when my youngest was born I felt I needed to do something to contribute to the household expenses.

Since starting my page – www.facebook.com/mysticcorner, I developed an interest in healing.  I trained to become a Reiki Master, and added several other healing techniques to my repertoire.  I am always interested in doing more.  I now use my skills learnt to provide easy access home study courses that are easy on the pocket (I paid much more for each of them but feel that they should be more accessible to others on a tight budget).  

I have been developing my mediumship side more and although I still don’t offer this as a service in its own right, and email readings that I do, have my feelings and impressions added as well.

I also had a deep interest in crystals.  Having used them myself for many years I now have basic crystal therapy training, this coupled with my own experience and gained knowledge helps me to provide crystal information and healing when necessary within my other healing practises.

I run an etsy shop as well where all my services are listed as well as lots of other items mainly crystals and orgone devices. My etsy shop is www.etsy.com/uk/shop/MysticCornerReadings  and there are lots of interesting items over there.

My webpage is www.nikkismysticcorner.com where you can find a lot more information about what services I offer.

I am currently saving up to build a Therapy Centre in my back garden.  It is going to take a lot of hard work, money and manifesting to get this up and running.  I want to be able to do all of my work ‘hands on’.  

I mentioned last week that I had lots of ideas, a lot of these are on hold until my finances are in a better position than they are at the moment.  More courses, equipment and building the garden room.

Next week I will fill you in on some of my channelled messages that I have received over the past few months.  Hopefully they may inspire some of you.


Nikki xx

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