Embracing New Ideas

I am having a bit of a difficult time with this one.  Why? You may ask.  The new idea that has been shared with me and does prove quite effective is making and publishing videos of my items, services etc.

I really find this hard.  I hate my pictures being taken and hate my voice being recorded even less.  This would open quite a few of my own insecurities but would benefit my business.

I am really going to have block these out and embrace this new way of promoting myself and my items soon.  So watch this space.

Another thing that I am being led to – poetry (a little bit).  I wrote a piece about depression a little while back which I did put on my page and it was received really well.

I have written another errrrrr it’s not really a poem as such more an ode.  And I am not sure about putting it out there really.  I know I shouldn’t care what others think but I still do!  I say I wrote it as well, which isn’t entirely true it was half written by me and half inspired by my spirit guides.  And they keep reminding me to put it out there.  Maybe I should listen to them lol.

Next week I will post it on here along with some other channelled messages I have received.

Love and blessings

Nikki x

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