Getting ready for my second stall!

This week has been very preoccupied with getting everything prepared for a craft fair.  Do I feel prepared – nope!

I still have everything to price up, pack up, posters to make, jewellery to finish and I have till tomorrow night to do so.  We have to be at the venue at 9 am Saturday morning, so no last minutes bits can be done then. 

I am catching up with all my other bits and pieces now before I really get to the task at hand and get everything packed up.  Feeling rather nervous.  At my first event before Christmas all I sold was readings.  I am not offering readings this time as that was a ladies pampering event and this is an actual craft fair.

I have everything crossed that people like what we offer and make some purchases.  Have a good range of prices, from cheap pocket money items right through to our more expensive pieces.  Lots of the items would be ideal as mothers day gifts and with only a week to go, hoping that some people treat their mothers to something different this year 🙂

Still haven’t done a video yet.  My next project that I want to start on (once this show is out of the way) is to make collages of all of our custom made items.  We have made so many now, and they are stunning in their own ways, with some of them being particularly poignant and special (being trusted with precious items to place inside means so much to me).  So a gallery of custom made items is next on my agenda.  

Right, enough from me for now, need to go and get the kids tea ready. And then it will be back to the grindstone.


Nikki x

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