Woohoo I am now a Reikara Teacher.

I love these healing modality and did my practitioner course last June.  I finally passed my Teacher level last weekend (the company that run this – Inspiral – did not run the course till now and won’t be doing it again for another year) and really look forward to starting to pass on Reikara onto others.

My next workshop I am doing (not much different lol) is about hoodoo or mojo bags.  I have always wondered how to put these together to make them effective, and want to see how I can combine them with other types of majick and healing.

I was also asked the other day about teaching Reiki.  I am trained to do so, and should be doing this, but just haven’t felt the urge to pass it on yet.  But as I have been asked, I will be putting together my Reiki Level 1 workshop.  

I need to raise the funds to build my own therapy room/centre, as I so want to do all these workshops as hands on as well as provide distance learning that is affordable.  Problem is my garden needs to be renovated so much, and trying to save the money when my business does not have a huge income is taking its time.  I have set up funding pages in the hope of getting donations.  So far I have had £176 donated to my gofundme account.  I have set up another one that accepts paypal as well – crowdfunding.  

Please please please if you can afford to donate some pennies to me then it would be very gratefully received.  The first part of the garden project is replacing the fences (blown over in the winds last year and then the winds this week have taken down our temporary fencing 😦 .

The links for each are:-



Right I think that is enough this week, next week I can share what I learnt at the workshop.


Nikki x

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