Self promotion and my lack of it!!

I’m not sure how to word this properly.  By self promotion I don’t mean advertising yourself, getting your name out there type of promotion.  I am talking about the bigging yourself up till your head explodes type of promotion.  Making up lies and stories to make you seem far more experienced than you are.  That type of thing.

Now with any business I know there needs to be some sort of usp, or making a bit of a name for yourself.  I just cannot fathom why anyone would start with lies.  Blatant stories about your past, what you have done, achieved etc.  Some of it could be quite innocent to start with, but ends up bigger and bigger and bigger.

I have been asking my partner and friends lately if maybe the way I see things is wrong.  Should I be bigging myself up more to get the work in? Maybe I should, perhaps I am doing things wrong.  I just don’t feel comfortable with lies of any kind.  I cannot sit here and tell you I sat at the feet of buddhists monks since I was a baby so that makes me better than you type rubbish.

I am just me.  So here goes my little bit of self promotion.  I have read cards since I was 17.  I have always been interested in mystical, spiritual, metaphysical stuff since much younger.  (You can ask my mum if you like lol).  I have passed the 3 levels of Reiki, making me a Reiki Master (not quite sure I am comfortable being called a Master to be truly honest but that is what my certificate says).  I am a Reikara Teacher.  I have done several other attunements ranging from atlantean, gaia, crystal, ascended masters, unicorn and dolphin.  I am qualified to teach all of these healing modalities and teach them I do – quite well if you ask me.  My healing work is well praised by those I have done it for.  I have regular clients so I must be doing something right.  My readings prove to be fairly accurate and again I am only saying this as I have been told by those that have received them, and many come back.  I make jewellery and other spiritual gifts, which although aren’t intricate or difficult to make, my heart and soul goes into everything.  I run a successful business (in my eyes) and have 2 people that make orgone items for me to sell on (my other half and his best mate).  Again – repeat custom, custom orders and memorial pieces are always well received.  I regularly channel messages from my guides and spirits, that help me with problems that I am having at the time.  I work with angel and archangel energy to my own benefit and those around me.  I am always extending my learning.  I have recently been introduced to Hoodoo, and am undertaking a course (or maybe I should say apprenticeship it sounds so much better but it is a course) to train further in this area so I can arrange and offer mojo bags or gris gris bags personalised to my clients.  I sell crystals.  I am well read on many, many subjects around all of these areas, but I would not consider myself an expert.  I know a few people that read a few articles about something and then tell everyone they are masters in whatever field it is.  I have trained as an aromatherapist and homeopath but never completed my training so would not feel comfortable advising anyone in those areas however I do use them myself.  I am also trained to work with children, have been trained in child protection as well.  I am currently doing a degree in Earth Sciences which will help with my crystal obsession lol.  

There is probably so much more I could add, I could also pad it out with information that would seem to make me more knowledgeable or experienced, which I am not and that is where my problem lies, I can’t lie and I would feel like it was lies.  Take for example my hoodoo course, like I said I could put I am a Hoodoo Apprentice – sounds really exciting. but it is not what it will be.  Do you see my problem?

So what should I do – make myself look more knowledgeable and experienced by telling porky pies or do I keep doing what I usually do – be honest?

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