I am so excited about this and I know it is late but it has been an exciting day all round. Receiving my new logo and now ready to launch this collection.

So here it is – the “Wishes and Blessings Collection”.

Comprising of 9 gorgeous faerie wish and angel feather greetings cards, and two absolutely stunning memory locket pendants.

The reason for this collection is two-fold. When I was at the craft fayre, there were several card stalls, and none of them had anything like this on offer. I love the thought of sending people some faerie wish cards, or angel feathers when they need a lift. I came home from that fayre and asked my Aunt (who makes the most fantastic cards that I may share with you all one day) to design me some cards. She suffers with several health issues so could not commit to making these for me, but did design them and gave me detailed instructions on how to make them myself (down to paper weight, how to print etc). And I did and here they are! smile emoticon

The cards are blank on the inside so can be used for any occasion – birthdays, get well, congratulations or even just as a little thank you card or ‘just because’ card.

Now the pendants came about because of a failed experiment of mine. I was trying to set feathers into resin pendants to be angel blessing pendants. I could not get it to work, no matter what I tried the feathers never showed up in the resin. I had to find another way. Then one day I came across these living memory lockets. As soon as I saw them I knew I had to make my feather and faerie wish pendants with them.

The faerie wish pendant includes – locket, chain, faerie wishes (dandelion seeds), engraved ‘wish’ plate, a faerie charm and a birthstone crystal.

The angel feather pendant includes – locket, chain, angel feather, engraved ‘believe’ plate, an angel charm and a birthstone crystal.

Both pendants come with a gift box as well.

Prices for the cards are £2.50 each plus postage.
Price for the pendants are £19.95 each plus postage.

All the items will be reiki blessed before sending out.

The cards are available immediately and the pendants are available to pre-order for delivery in Mid May.


Nikki xx


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