What a week I had!

Last week was a little hectic to be honest.

I got my new logo, and held an opinion poll over which version to use.  The answer was pretty unanimous.  Which means I am now working on updating all my social media sites, flyers, paperwork, website etc etc etc.

I have to say that I love it and am truly grateful to Steve and Laura from The Cheerful Lime for designing it for me.

I also dropped off some of our orgone, resin and jewellery items to a craft shop in my local vicinity.  The shop is called A Shedload of Crafts in Crews Hill.  And Nikki’s Mystic Corner has a little shelf there.  Hoping that it will be successful.  

I also launched our new products – The Wishes and Blessings Collection, a picture of which is shown again lol.  See my last blog entry for details.

Had a few orders for the cards and pendants, which I am working on.

Lots of parcels went off last week for orders from my etsy shop.  

And today was my daughter’s 5th birthday.

I have my sons 9th birthday in a few days, and then my other son’s 3rd birthday 6 days after that – april/may is a busy time for me birthday wise.

Right I am off to work on some more ads, flyers and etsy listings.

Speak to you all next week.

Nikki x

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