Etsy Updating and other fun things!

On Monday, as the weather was pretty clear, I decided to have a marathon photo session – not that I truly needed one, I still had plenty of photos from the last time but I had decided I wasn’t happy with them.  I pre charged my camera (it ran out on me last time), set up outside with everything, well pretty much everything I needed and got to work.

Cue 3 screaming brats – yes I do mean my own children, all playing in the garden as well.  One was winding up the other, who it turn kept bumping into my table, whilst the 3rd kept hiding behind my back cloth saying ‘can you see me?’  Which would not of been a problem but everytime child 2 banged the table, child 3 jumped and nearly pulled the cloth off, which would have been a total disaaarrrssstteeer dahlings!  All my crystals were on the table with me.

3 screaming brats were made to go back inside where their dad could look after them whilst I continued the camera session.  

The wind was beginning to pick up and I felt the odd spot of rain, but the pics were still looking good so continued in the hope of getting everything done.

At this point my mum and step-dad came round, and they came outside with the 3 kids in tow.  I thought I was getting somewhere and only had a a couple of dozen more pieces to take pics of, when my camera bleeped and died.  So I still never finished them.  Luckily, at that point the wind picked up even more, and we got everything inside before the rain came down, the camera death was a good omen then.  It had served me well – 450 photos had been taken so it deserved a rest really!

Since then, I have been editing, watermarking and choosing pics for my etsy shop. It all takes time.  I think I managed about 10 updates or new listings in about 2 hours last night – just 10.  I have over 120 listings that need new pics and I still have items that are not in the shop yet!  

I know no-one said working for myself was going to be easy, but still its a good thing I try to keep organised.  I do all my daily bits and pieces before trying to get a few more listings done.  I will get it all finished at some point and then I can concentrate on something else.

I passed my first part of my Hoodoo rootworker course as well, just waiting on my notes for the 2nd module, which I am looking forward to.  And will be attending a ‘Defence Against The Dark Arts’ lol workshop in a few weeks.  Its about using hoodoo to remove curses and negativity from around things, so should be very interesting.

Right I think thats enough of me babbling on for one night.

Love and blessings to all of you.

Nikki xx

ps – managed to change my etsy shop name now – its – yay!!!


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