Rootwork Supplies

Really excited this week, got all my herbs for my rootwork.  Just need to get a few more bits so I can do my homework of making 2 spells.  Once I have done this I can move on to part 3 of my hoodoo course.  Plus I am attending a workshop next Saturday to learn how to remove curses, hexes and dark spells.  Which should be really interesting.  I am also booked to go on a 3 day retreat in Glastonbury in October, so excited about it.

This week has also seen me needing a bit of a break, which is why this is a little later than normal.  I have a bit of a cold that I am trying to clear up, which has left me a little bit drained.  Hopefully turned the corner now, and catching up with my work today, which includes more etsy listings, my newslestter, studying and entering my final assignment for my second module of my degree.  

Tomorrow is another day off for me.  My little one is 3 today, and we are having a family bbq to celebrate tomorrow.  So the more work I can get done today – the better.

I think on that note, I can stop rambling and let you all go.


Nikki x


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