A Testing Week Or Two!

Hi Mysticals, I didn’t write a blog last week. was just too worn out to do it.  Some of you may know that I am currently doing a degree, last week was the final assessment for one of the modules.  By the time I had finished it, I was pretty much good for nothing!  I decided to take the rest of the week off.

Over the weekend I attended another workshop regarding spells, curses and their removal.  I really enjoyed it, but then I always do love working with the tutor – Jamie.  He is also my tutor for my rootworker course.  And I passed the 2nd module of this as well. Really looking forward to the 3rd module as it is the beginning of me working with the infamous Marie Laveau.  

I won’t go into details about what else happened but it has caused me to spend some time on self reflection, emotional work and spiritual reassurance.  I know that I am an honest person, to a fault sometimes.  I want to be able to see the good in everyone, and like to form my own opinions on people.  Accusations – whether they be actual or implied – hurt.  But that is my problem and I think I am doing quite well considering, being on the receiving end of this kind of negative energy would usually have me crashing down emotionally, but I have held my head up this time, and kept my energy positive, so positive in fact that although I was supposed to be resting, I have been creating, planning and generally spending time to the things I love.  I also, spent time with some of my favourite people – you know who you are – who always make me feel better about anything and everything, and I love them for this!

Part of this self-work has been to ensure that I have a long walk everyday.  I have a huge park just up the road, and a walk around this is approximately 1 mile in total (park is 1300 metres or 0.8 miles plus the walk to and from the park).  And I was doing this everyday until today – I have somehow hurt my knee and am in a bit of pain.  Hoping it is less severe tomorrow so I can walk around the park slowly.

Not only did I do all this, but I finally managed to clear up some stuff indoors.   The biggest job being my filing, which is now all done, in its boxes and back out of the way.  Phone calls made, appointments booked and items bought.

I think that is enough of my rambling this week!  Speak to you all again next week.  Hopefully with some pics of some new items.


Nikki x


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