The other day on my page I listed all the things in my life I should count as my blessings.  My list was long, and I could have put so much more into it.

There are times when all of us focus so much on the bad things that are happening in our lives that we forget exactly how much we do have!  Ill health, lack of money, no job, bad relationships are all things we dwell on far too much.  And when these things are impacting on our lives that is all we focus on.  Putting all that energy in the negatives just makes things a whole lot worse.

I am challenging all of you to stop focusing on any of these negative things, and each night before you go to bed, find 3 things that were positive within your day.  They can be as simple as you like from –  it didn’t rain, you caught your bus, the journey to work took less than usual and note them down.  Then I want you to look at one ‘negative’ that happened and turn it into a positive.  For example – the internet went down, so I spent time catching up with my favourite programmes, snuggled on the settee.  Do you follow me so far?

I also want you to note down one blessing every day.  A blessing is something you may take for granted but other people are not so blessed ie I have a roof over my head, I have food in the cupboard etc.

Try to keep this journal for a week or two.  At the end of that time, think about whether it is becoming easier to see the positives over the negatives.  Is your negative self talk becoming quieter, is it easier to shut it up and focus on positive things.  When negative things do happen are you able to see a way past it more easily?

The more you do this, the easier it should become, before long, negative happenings will not be affecting you anywhere near as much as they did before.

I hope you try this out for yourself.  I started this 800 + diary entries ago now.  And it truly helps.


Nikki xx


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