My Week This Week

Firstly, I would like to say that the collage is a commission piece that we made for someone, who totally loves buddhas.  We couldn’t post it up until we knew she received it.  And now she has, so here is a sitting buddha, resting on an om sign made from red coral and black obsidian.  Chris placed each of those crystal chips so carefully to make that sign.  It was not an easy task!

My week has been full of ups and downs.  I made a very hard decision.  You don’t need to know all the details, but what you do need to know is that despite it being hard, it was the right thing.  Since making this decision I have felt so much lighter, more focused and definitely happier.  I was being dragged into too much negativity and it was affecting my every day life.  To the point that I was avoiding certain things.  

On Sunday, I visited The Haven.  A really brilliant place, full of card readers, healers and a spiritualist medium.  She was fantastic.  And whilst there I took the opportunity to have free card readng which so spot on about everything that had happened up to that point.  Got some good advice and plenty of affimations that I have done the right thing.  

My cousin and his partner had a massive problem this week.  Their flats were pretty much destroyed in a gas explosion.  I have been raising money via a gofundme account to help with replacing their items.  The update today was that the council will be trying to get out some of their belongings.  So Jamie now thinks he is taking advantage by me raising funds.  Trying to convince him that he still needs this help is a losing battle.  One which I have had to take a step back on.  They are truly grateful for what I have raised so far, they just don’t feel worthy of it.  Such a shame that we are conditioned in this way, that when we need help the most, we feel guilty about accepting it!

One of my other big decisions was to shut my webpage down temporarily.  There is a very good reason for this.  I sold most of my items, services and products via my little etsy shop.  Etsy has decided that some things are no longer suitable to sell on their website.  Mainly my energy therapy services.  Other shops have been shut down for selling spells and rituals, and things along those lines.  I understand their decision – they do not want any item on their site that people may think will bring a desired effect and then doesn’t.  But they have managed to ostracise a huge proportion of their sellers by doing so.  I had to take the stance that although Etsy have messaged and said they do not wish to remove any metaphysical shops, who knows what the actual future will bring.  Therefore, today, I closed my website, and changed it over to an ecommerce website or online shop for those less initiated then me (lol don’t be offended I learnt that today as well!) I now have unenviable task of redoing my whole website.  It has taken me several hours just to get the shipping profiles right and I don’t have anything else on there yet!

Anyway, back to the whole point of this week – my ups and downs.  The downs brought me lessons that I needed to face and the ups bought me affirmations that I was learning correctly and making the right decisions.

Never, ever think that you cannot move on from distressing situations, because you can.  You just need the right motivation and plans to move forward (oh and a guardian angel or two who like to push you in the right direction).

Here’s to next week!


Nikki xx

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