Tonight I launched my Infiniti Energy Therapy which has had lots of interest already, and I have taken a few bookings as well.  I am really excited about this as it works on deep levels and isn’t just about sending a distance healing.

For approximately a week before I send the energy therapy, we work through some channelled messages and useful techniques to aid the balancing of deep heart and emotional energies which enable the past life issues to be resolved.

I have channelled several messages from both Archangel Raphael, Archangel Chamuel and my own spirit quides, one who came to me to do exactly this!  I am currently working on providing this as a practitioner course as well, so watch out for this to be announced as well.

What else has happened this week?  Well, firstly I wiped some people off my timeline as I was fed up with views and provocation with quite testing subjects.  I find it quite unbelievable that people who consider themselves spiritual, that tell everyone that they don’t get involved with anything, that make out that they are light workers are actually the worst at doing these things.  From deriding people and comparing them to Adolf Hitler and other abominable dictators for certain beliefs, to telling everyone that they are almost perfect and never get involved in gossip and maliciousness but then slag people off horrendously in private, or even admit to writing status that are designed to goad others into having a reaction, and trust me, this has happened.

I am not perfect, I have a moan at times – doesn’t everyone?  But a moan is nothing compared to some of what has gone on!  I haven’t de-friended these people yet, just not having their vitriol come up on my timeline.

Enough negativity, this is the only place I let it slip in a little as like I said I am not perfect, but I do try to keep every part of my life as positive as possible, and that includes Nikki’s Mystic Corner.

So, lets end this blog on some positive notes now.  I have got my website up and running, slowly adding all my products and services.  It is still the same web address – 

I have also been featured in lots of etsy treasuries this week.  Nothing like a bit of positive advertising.

Enough from me this week.  It’s late now and I need my bed.

Night all.


Nikki x


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