Raising My Vibrations

This week I have been feeling a little lightheaded and dizzy.  A bit ungrounded (until I did some deep grounding work the other night).  Each time I have had these feelings I have experienced prophetic dreams, felt a greater clarity in my own mind, and the power and weight of the Universe.  I have become much more positive that the Universe is there for me, and will provide what I need.  

One of the things I did this week was take the plunge and book myself on a Past Life Regression course.  I am learning this wonderful tool that can help people overcome issues that are deeply embedded in their soul.  Following on from this I am also enrolled on a Life Between Life Regression course and a Future Progression course.  With these 3 hypnotherapies under my belt, I feel that my own Infiniti Energy Therapy will become an even greater modality than it is already.

My psychic abilities are also increasing.  I think this is because I am actually believing in myself more.  When I have been doing readings this week, the insights I have been given have been very powerful and rather than just denying them, I have been including them in the readings. I just ‘know’ things.

As for my hoodoo work, just waiting for my 4th module for this.  I have also got myself a new book which is fascinating – Hoodoo Herb And Root Magic by Catherine Yronwode.  I am on the lookout for more books.  My work with my anscestors makes so much sense, and the dream work that I have been doing with them has given my lots of insight into my own life, my objectives and ambitions.  Working on these help a lot.  They also help to remove and block any negativity that has been directed at me and mine lately.  I work on this every day with them.

My life may not be perfect, but it is as perfect as it can be at this moment in time, and that is what is important.  Living in the now and not wasting time thinking about the past or looking too far into the future. And I am liking this new me that is embracing this way of thinking.


Nikki xx

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