Being Proud 

(Omg my son will kill me lol)

This week, I have been extremely proud of my son – Jake.

Last Saturday, he showed true compassion and empathy towards a really great friend of mine.  I won’t go into details but his charitable gesture was pretty amazing.  For a 17 year old teenager to be so selfless is wonderful, and we need more teens like this.

He followed on from that selfless deed to another one yesterday. 

He truly does me proud.  And if pride is a bad thing then strike me down now!  I am proud of myself as well, that I have taught my son to be a kind, giving, empathic person.  There are times when all of us as parents feel less than adequate.  I don’t this week.  

He has a strong work ethic, he doesn’t believe the world owes him anything which I think is pretty rare these days.  He helps me a lot especially when my health issues are playing up.  He is one great teenager.

I am not saying he is a perfect teenager – moodiness does kick in now and again.  But when that is offset against all the good he does, it really doesn’t matter anymore.

And when you compare him and his attitude with the likes of the silly little kids (aged about 13) that were out at 2 am and had obviously been drinking, that then mouthed off at me, it makes me even more sure that Jake is special. 

Happy Birthday Jake – you make me so proud, I love you so very much. 

That’s it from me this week.  


Nikki xx

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