Past lives and forward planning!

I have always been drawn to finding out about my past lives but have never followed it through. 

I am finally attending a Past Life Workshop at the end of August, so will experience it for the very first time.

As well as being drawn to finding out about my own past lives, I was also guided to learn how to become a Past Life Regression Therapist.  I have done all the theory work on this and have 5 case studies to do.  I am waiting until I experience it myself before I do my case studies.   I really feel it is important to have had a first hand experience myself before attempting hypnotherapy on another person.  Once I have done my 5 case studies I will be qualified in the field of past life regression.  Then I will be completing my studies for Life Between Lives Regression and Future Life Progession Therapies.  

All 3 will give me a well rounded education in hypnotherapy for our Soul’s lifetime.  And from there I can decide if I would like to take the hypnotherapy side further.

I have also attended the first part of a herbal workshop.  Looking at some of the more common plants around that can be utilised in remedies, spells and charms. I received lots of goodies from one of the other students there and look forward to using them in my hoodoo work.

I have enrolled as a Wellness Advocate for DoTERRA Oils.  I was dubious at first, mainly because their prices are slightly higher than elsewhere, but having now experienced the oils for myself, I can see why.  The scent of the oils are amazing, even the ones I don’t particularly like.  You can tell they are high grade oils and not synthetic in any way.  I have experienced some new oils and blends that are already helping me.  If you want to know more than just message me either here or via my facebook page for more information.

And I am currently waiting for a large order of unicorn related stuff. I do not like waiting for exciting things.  I am literally checking the door every hour or so.  I am too excited and when I get the items I will be running around like a kid in a sweetie shop and may well post lots of selfies with UNICORNS!!! Not that I have a thing about unicorns at all (if I was Pinocchio my nose would be about 6ft long now hahahaha).

I have also experienced a foot analysis and forensic healing this week, and I have to say they were both pretty amazing.  The foot analysis brought things up about my past which need healing, and the forensic healing started that process, and got off to a flying start.  I have already noticed a difference in my own attitude and behaviour that has helped me massively today, and I cannot thank the person who did them enough.  Her name is Sigal Zoldan from Infinite Realities International.  She is amazing at what she does and I thoroughly recommend her.

Well, that is enough for another week. 

Many blessings to all of you!

Nikki xx


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