Are you any good at manifesting your desires?

The reason I ask this question is that I am pretty good at it.  What I need to learn though is to be more specific!!!

I asked my ancestors, angels etc to help because I was short of money the other week.  I know when I have asked before they have provided.  Well, they provided again alright – by getting a weekend away cancelled that I had paid £140 for already.  I got my refund.  I was really looking forward to that weekend away.  But the money did come in handy.

The second time was, this weekend I told them I was going to win the lottery this week. And I did, but I wasn’t specific enough – I won £4.50 which I am very grateful for but it won’t buy very much lol especially not a new home.

I should have been far more specific.  I am learning – slowly!


Nikki x


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