Past Life Regression

Since I posted my last blog, I had the opportunity to experience a past life regression, well actually 2 of them.

I had 2 very different lives come up.

One I was a dancing girl, saved from the place I worked by a man who frequented there.  This was all set in India.  His mum, took care of me, and although she looked totally different, I could tell it was actually the soul of my nan,  I even experienced my death in that life time, and that probably answers some things about this lifetime.

The second one I was given a very clear name and dates.  And having researched since, I have found this man.  He was born in 1810 and died in his 60′s.  Again, very interesting.

So my question today is – do you believe you have many lives?  Does your soul go on even when it is not in physical form?

I believe so.  I have my own beliefs where reincarnation is concerned, but I do know that we all have a soul tribe.  This tribe will be with you every lifetime, not always in the same capacity – your mum could be your brother, your dad could be your wife etc.  I believe that each life time, we have something to learn, and that something has been chosen by us to learn.  We, as our soul, makes a choice as to what they need or want to experience.  We cannot be enlightened souls without experiencing the bad as well as the good.  Having said this, I also believe in freedom of choice as a person.  So although my soul (me) has decided what it wants to learn this lifetime, I feel we still have major decisions we need to make, and those decisions would then decide whether or not we truly experience what we set out to. 

I know my soul is old, I can feel it.  Whether or not this is my last lifetime, who knows, I don’t think it is.  I think we still can choose, even when we have experienced everything we can, we can still come back here, we can still be reborn and will can still repeat experiences.  We choose whether or not to stay with the Divine Source or return here for some purpose. 

These regressions also helped me with my own study of the subject.  I have completed all of the theory, and now I have experienced it for myself, I can now go and complete my case studies to get my qualification.  Knowing what it felt like to be led into a regression, gives me a greater understanding and awareness of how someone will feel when I practice on them. 

I am also learning about life between life regression, and someone in our group seemed to experience this.  Again this is of interest to me, what do our souls do in between incarnations? Do they all sit around having fun whilst they decide what emotion they want to experience on the physical plane.  And finally, I am also studying future life progression, where our soul wants to go from here.  Have they already planned it?  Is it all mapped out for eternity?  I don’t think so!


Nikki x

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