Good Intentions

Do you ever have one of those weeks where you have lots of good intentions to get all sorts done and then by the end of the week, you look back and you realise you have done nothing?

Think that will be me this week!

I was going to make sure I exercised this week properly – yeah hasn’t happened so far and it is Thursday already.  I was going to keep on top of my daily routine with regards to Nikki’s Mystic Corner – hasn’t happened either! I was going to get lots put on the website and etsy – again guess what? It hasn’t happened.

What has happened this week though, is appointments – hospital, diet, counselling and even attending an appointment a week early, don’t ask (didn’t even get the right day let alone date – its my age lol).  My littlest son started school – emotional time, he is my last baby and he is wearing school uniform, does not seem possible.  Supporting a friend who was extremely stressed out – we had a good laugh and plenty of coffee for a late night destressing session.  Lots of parcels, packaged up and ready to go to the post office.  And a monthly energy session for my Mysticals.  Nearly caught up on a huge pile of washing (6 of us living in this house, the washing soon piles up to Mt Everest proportions :-O)  And cooking fresh meals every day from scratch rather than using any processed foods!

So although I feel like I have done absolutely nothing, it really isn’t true.  I have done lots and feel a tad exhausted to boot.  It is not surprising that I have been tired in the evenings and have even dozed off during the day.  (Did it earlier whilst the kids were playing nicely upstairs for a change, so no arguing to keep me awake lol, they soon woke me up when they wanted dinner!)

Now in the past I would have mentally beaten myself up over the fact that I hadn’t done what I wanted to do.  Not any more, I can see what I did actually get done, the reasons why the list didn’t go to plan.  And accept that I needed to rest.  

So what I am trying to say to all of you is that yes whilst it is good to have set plans for what you want to achieve each day or week.  If you don’t achieve it, you haven’t failed.  Look at everything else you managed to do instead.  Even if it means that all you have achieved each day is getting out of bed.  And trust me I know that feeling.  You still achieved something and it is an excellent start.

Don’t let your own negative thoughts beat you down and make you feel useless.  You aren’t!  

Love and blessings

Nikki xx


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