DoTERRA and Me

I have mentioned this on my page a few times but wanted to let you all know what DoTERRA is and why I like them so much.

DoTERRA is a company that offers high quality essential oils, accessories and other healthy, essential oil based items.

The components for their oils are environmentally sound, sustainable, and very good quality.  They provide excellent programmes within the countries they get their harvests from.  Their philosophies are pretty amazing too.

I was looking at joining up with DoTERRA for months.  I kept being drawn back to them, but had my reservations – the cost, being tied in to it, not knowing the quality.

Eventually, I did some training with a good friend of mine – Sigal, who along with the excellent information she provided totally put my mind at ease.  That plus winning a couple of giveaways which meant I could test them for myself convinced me that DoTERRA was the right ‘fit’ for me.

So, quality was definitely addressed, I was really impressed with the samples I received.  My all time favourite oil – peppermint, was out of this world.  I have had a few that left a lot to be desired.  DoTERRA’s peppermint oil smelt gorgeous.

The cost was the next issue.  And yes, some of the oils do seem a little expensive, but when you take into account the way they are harvested etc for DoTERRA, the community work that is done for these areas and the quality that you get, the cost isn’t actually any higher than other lower quality oils.

Lastly was being tied to them.  You aren’t.  You can join their team as just a customer.  You can also join their team and receive your products at warehouse prices which can make quite a difference.  You can also join their team as a Consultant (like me) and then you have the opportunity to receive oils for free, earn commission and take it a whole lot further.

I can help with any of these options.  Please get in contact with me, to arrange a ‘free’ private consultation to see if DoTERRA can help you.  

With Christmas coming up, who doesn’t want to save some money on products that will not only benefit you, but also the whole family.  Or even take it a step further and earn some extra money for Christmas.

I have been with DoTERRA for 3 months now, and I am totally committed to using them every day.  Even my children love them, they now have to take it in turns to choose a diffuser oil each day.  They also come to me for oils when they have something wrong with them.  They are learning what each one is for as well.

I would love to be able to help you and your family do the same.  

Contact me via my facebook page – if you would like further information.


Nikki xx

ps. If you just want to order some oils then pop along to:-


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