Almost Giving Up!

I have had a hard few weeks, for many reasons.  Being let down badly by people that I trusted.  Realising that despite all my skills, intuition and gut instincts, I allowed myself to be taken for a fool.  I also realised that some other people do not take my business as seriously as I do. And that was rubbing off on me a little.  I allowed all of this to affect me deeply, too deeply and I was all about ready to throw in the towel to be totally honest.  I entered victim mentality again.
However, I received a couple of readings this weekend, that pretty much told me not to give up, that I was following the path I am meant to follow. And then I finally got the message from the universe to do something about it when my ‘desk’ (part of a high chair from when Antonakis was tiny) got broken. I could of taken this as a bad omen (and I must admit I did for a short while until hugs with Chris and a pep talk bought me out of my funk).  I spent all evening looking on ebay etc for a replacement. You know something small and compact that meant I would still be relaxing on the settee whilst working.
I woke up the next morning with clear plans on how to rearrange my living room so I could have an actual desk. A proper office so to speak lol. Somewhere where I can see all my work and study properly, not piled on the settee next to me with me using a little table. And I am now really excited and energised over the business, my business!  Exciting new opportunities have opened up to me, that I am embracing fully.
Something else that I did last week (despite wanting to give up) was to think more metaphysically. All my items that I have for sale were all in boxes, all over the house. I decided that I needed to get them out, and almost have a shop front. Not a real one of course, but a shelving unit with everything arranged on it, on display, in baskets, as if it was on sale.
Do you know what? It worked. Within 2 days I had 5 orders, and a couple of custom orders. And then on top of that, the extra information I put on my posts worked really well too. Lots of readings have also been booked. So despite me being on the verge of giving up, this was another affirmation in my eyes that there is no way that I can.
My work is too important to me to give up on it.  Yes I will still have bad days, but do you know what?  Out of those bad days came plans, affirmations and positive actions that re-energised my whole outlook.
Nikki xx

3 thoughts on “Almost Giving Up!

  1. Nicola​​, just finished reading your blog article. I like your transperancy, sharing so honstly. I need to model your ways. I create each blog post of mine as a whole workshop, I do wish to shorten my writings.

    I love the energy that is coming out from you, the clarity and focus. DO you think that the In-Tune this week had something to do with everything that is happening?

    THink Metaphysically, hmm…I definetly want to here more about that.

    I think that what you experienced was the darkness just before the light came. LIke the darkness before dawn (which is the darkest time of the day). THank you for not giving up and thank you for being so inspiering 🙂

    Sigal Zoldan,
    Guiding people from pain to freedom.


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