What A Bad Day Looks Like!

Hi all,

I had every intention tonight of doing some inspirational blog about honesty and personal values.  It was all planned out in my head.  It was going to be great…………………………..but that will have to wait till next week.

Instead, as you can see from the photo with this article is what a bad day looks like.

And this was only a small part of my bad day!

It started at about quarter to one this morning.  I was just finishing off my work for the evening, when my five year old came downstairs.  Earlier yesterday, she had shut her finger in a door, it didn’t look that bad, and was only a little bit red.  Well when she came down, it was hurting her a lot, and the whole top of her finger was black.  What followed was a mad rush to get her dressed, and us ready for a trip to the local accident and emergency.  Shouldn’t have bothered rushing as they certainly didn’t.

It started well enough at the hospital. Saw the Triage Nurse within about 15 minutes.  The outcome was that Lia would get some pain relief, and seen by the Doctor.  2 hours later, yes that’s right 2 hours later, still no pain relief.  Nurses and Doctors were coming and going, everyone seemed to be having a jolly old time in the reception area, apart from all of us parents with sick and injured children.  We hadn’t asked before now because Lia was quite happily sitting watching cbeebies on the tablet and said her finger wasn’t too bad.  Now it was hurting and throbbing again, so Chris asked where her pain relief was.  Another 15 minute wait and she finally got some, and I was told she was 2 down the queue to be seen.

Well, when we finally get seen, the first thing they say is ‘have you had an x-ray’ ……………..errrr……………no.  No-one sent us for an x-ray.  Couldn’t we have done that in the previous 2 hours!!!!!  Off to x-ray we trooped, luckily no queue, and back to the children’s ward.  To wait nearly another hour whilst the nurse flitted around finding bandages etc.  The upshot is, it is just badly bruised, luckily.

We finally got home and into bed at 5 am this morning.  And as my mind has a habit of doing when I need to get to sleep, it wouldn’t switch off.

Up again at 8 to get the kids to school, out for appointments until about 11 am.  I was exhausted.  I went back to bed for a couple of hours.  Now when I don’t get a decent amount of sleep in one go, I am good for nothing all day.  My daughter came round, I had to pick the kids up from school.  I then fell asleep again for another couple of hours whilst they were upstairs playing.

I had been awake for all of about 20 minutes at this point, with brain fog still clouding my mind, when the disaster happened.  The washing machine and sink decided to leak all over the kitchen.  The great flood of enfield we’ll call it.  You can’t see it in this photo, but my poor Ebony (deaf, blind and very old) was still fast asleep in an ever growing pool of water.

Kids cleared it all out for me, whilst I text Chris is the vain hope that maybe he could get home early and sort it out.  No such luck, I think he was ignoring me lol. We left the kitchen and watched Doctor Who instead until Chris finally did come home.  I had only just got on top of all the washing as well, and now I have all my towels needed a boil wash.

Anyway, when he finally came home, what had caused it all?  Him draining fat down the sink off our food!!!  Of all the things, I truly could have killed him.

Well, what could I do but then treat myself to get over the this bad day!  I would like to introduce you to ‘Mystic’, she will be joining our family in the very near future.

Mystic - the new family member!
Mystic – the new family member!

Who could resist?  Especially after such a bad day!

Nikki x

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