Taking Charge!

What does taking charge mean to you?

I will tell you what it means to me.

When I say I am taking charge, I do not mean I am becoming Little Miss Bossy and giving everyone tasks and chores and things to do (although I do this rather well and on a regular basis – I call it delegating!)

I mean sitting back, seeing what you want to change about yourself, your well being, your emotional state, your reactive state, your inner thoughts, your career etc.

Earlier this year I went through a healing process with a good friend of mine.  It made me realise that a lot of what I am going through right now actually has it’s basis in my past.  I am still dealing with it all or not as the case may be.  I had quite a few ah ha moments with both her and with a counsellor.  The counsellor could tell that I was quite able to help others, talk them through their problems, life coach them if you will.  She found that I was very good at it.  What I wasn’t very good at, was actually processing that into my own life.  And do you know what my initial reaction was, to still blame me!  I thought I was a failure, that I couldn’t deal with anything, that everything was my fault.

I now know, it is not my fault.  Having said that, I take full responsibility for allowing these issues to continue to affect me and to change me.  It never should have happened, but then that was part of my life lesson during this lifetime.  And there is the first part of taking charge.  Taking responsibility.  Once you realise your own part in the processes that you are dealing with, you can change them positively.

My taking charge was dealing with my weight, adopting a healthier diet, ensuring I get more exercise and coming to terms with the fact that my weight was a direct result of my own failure to deal.

Taking charge was accepting that my body needs extra sleep, and more rest periods than other people.  Instead of beating myself up over it, I accepted and embraced it.  I no longer feel guilty about getting enough sleep, or sitting down to rest.  So what if I don’t get everything done, it isn’t going anywhere, I can still do it in a couple of hours or tomorrow.

Taking charge was accepting that my emotions are mine to feel.  No-one else.  If I am upset about something, I acknowledge and move on, if something stressed me out on any level, I look at why and what can I do about it?  If there is nothing I can do about it, I have to let go of that moment, understand where the stress point came from and move on.

Taking charge of my well being included using essential oils to help balance my feelings and emotions.

On a work front, taking charge meant seeing where I want to be.  Setting more specific goals, for example within etsy, posting more listings (and I mean posting and not just writing on my list!)  And with doTERRA understanding what I can achieve with it and put it into action.

Personal power means all sorts of things.  And will mean different things to different people.  But we all start in the same place – ourselves and taking charge!

My question to you is:-  When are you going to start taking charge and in what area of your life?


Nikki x

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