Believing in myself!

My last blog went down a storm.  I had so many messages of support, I couldn’t quite believe it.  It took a lot for me to be so open, but I am very pleased that I was.  I used it as a stepping stone in going forwards and it ended up being a huge step.

Over the past year I have been working hard on my own self-development, awareness and positivity.  And you know ( I think I have shared about it a few times) it hasn’t all been a walk in the park.  However, with 2015 coming to an end, I can say that I feel good.

And how is this transmuting itself into my everyday life, you may ask! (Or not but hey this is my blog lol).

Well, to begin with, I have been Christmas shopping, not once, not even twice but three times.  OMG yes 3 times.  I have been doing all my shopping on the internet the past few years, with only quick little outings to get one or two things.  Not only did I go shopping but I went on the last shopping Saturday and to a huge shopping centre that I would normally avoid like the plague.  Sorry Lakeside – you are not my favourite place.

I have come to accept that the Universe is there to provide for ME.  That I can always rely on it and what it has to say in my life.  And it is not always good stuff.

My beloved dog – Ebony – passed away last week. And I was heartbroken.  However, I had to thank the Universe for stepping in.  Ebony was almost 16 (a good age for a cocker spaniel), she was pretty much totally blind and deaf (except when the food cupboard was opened – typical cocker) and getting increasingly incontinent.  She hated everyone but especially vets (and me if I attempted to groom or bath her which I still did once a week despite her protests, daily would have killed her or me but we won’t go there!)  At the beginning of the week, she was in the bathroom with me, and she panicked about something and managed to bash into every surface in there.  It made me realise, that she was failing, and that I was being selfish, hanging onto her because letting go would be too hard.  I decided that after Xmas, at some point (see still not ready to let go) I would book her into the vet.  Universe stepped in.  I won’t go into details because it wasn’t pleasant, but it took the decision away from me, and actually made saying goodbye far easier.

Financially, we were struggling (still are to a certain extent), and I was getting increasingly worried about paying for Christmas and the bills.  I asked Universe for help, and rather than sitting back and thinking to myself that it will never happen, I told myself I deserved the help.  I ended up with all sorts happening.  Which meant that not only were my bills paid, but I also had extra to pay back my mum, and get the kids some extra presents.

I am not dwelling on things that are beyond my control.  When situations or people that normally push my buttons pop into my head, I am able to not only cope with it, but also not to go into a tailspin or react emotionally.  And do you know how freeing that is?  I cannot explain how proud I was of my reactions to certain things especially after my last blog.

You may well be wondering how I have done all this.  Well, I have used a number of tools from healing therapy, essential oils, crystals and so much more.

And you can benefit from it all too.

Re-introducing my Infiniti Programme.  Available for a short time longer at this price.  (Prices will be going up at the end of January 2016).  We not only work on yourself together, but I also send you energy healing as well.  So this is GREAT price to get all of this.

I want to help YOU get to the same positive place I am now.  Using the tools I have learnt and the messages I have been given.

Infiniti Energy Therapy

Contact me if you want more information, and I will be pleased to help you find your own positive place!

Love and blessings

Nikki xx



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