What is in store for 2016?

I know what is in store for me – continue my self development, review my goals and set new ones, work on making 2016 bigger and better than 2015.

Not that 2015 was all that bad.  Obviously there were some less than desirable moments, and you have pretty much been privy to all of them.  But when you balance up the ups and downs, I have been up in the air far more more than not.

So, onto 2016.  What do you have planned?  Have you set anything into motion yet or even thought about it?  Do you need EXTRA guidance?

I can help with this.  Why not treat yourself to annual reading, 13 cards, one for each month of the year which will give you a little bit of a clue on what to concentrate or work on for that month, and one card as the overall theme of the year.  This is a very popular reading for this time of year.  And at only £20.00 gbp it is a bargain for a some insight and inspiration.

Annual Reading

Message me for more details or to book your reading into my schedule.

Hope you all have a brilliant 2016.

Nikki xx


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