Essential Oils and me!

Part of what has helped me during 2015 (if you have read my blogs you will know what I mean), is the use of essential oils. So I thought I would share my story with you and my own experiences with them, and why I have chosen DoTERRA as my provider of choice.

I became interested in essential oils many years ago now, the reason I turned to them was because of health issues I was experiencing.  Irritable bowel syndrome being one of them, for which I took peppermint capsules internally for.  They worked to ease a lot of the symptoms (why wouldn’t they, peppermint oil is the basis for many over the counter or prescription IBS drugs and I wanted a more natural solution).  Peppermint oil was also my go to oil every day for something else as well – my fear of being sick.  I am phobic about it, even thinking about it puts me into a cold sweat. So morning sickness was a huge struggle for me, and I experienced it every day of every pregnancy (and considering I have 5 kids and 2 angel babies that’s a lot of time I spent feeling nauseous).

4 or 5 drops on a tissue, and deep breathing exercises stopped the feelings, and stopped me from actually throwing up.  I carried peppermint with me everywhere and got through plenty of bottles.  I didn’t always use the same brand, and some definitely worked better than others.

This sparked my interest in aromatherapy, and I did start a diploma in it, but life and kids got in the way and I never, ever completed it.  I was so close as well, but the years have passed and I would need to restart from the beginning (trust me its on my list of things to do).

Fast forward now to 2015.  I began to notice a lot of things being said about DoTERRA, I kept on seeing it pop up in my facebook newsfeed, conversations would steer round to it by random people.  Feeling curious I looked into it and was immediately put off by their prices and the fact that they were in effect a mlm company.

I was then invited to an essential oils workshop by someone I totally trusted.  Yes, it was about DoTERRA, but I thought what the hell, might as well learn something about them, as I keep being steered to them (divine guidance right – strikes at every opportunity when they want you to take notice).  During that workshop, I learnt an awful lot, I also won some healing prizes and free samples.  Part of the healing offer was an essential oil consultation as well.  I received my samples and was amazed at their quality (even the lavender which I am not very keen on, had a scent that I can actually stand).  During my consultation I was steered towards some essential oils that would aid my healing from certain emotional issues.  I was also shown how the oils needn’t be expensive if you become a member, which I promptly did, ordering a Family Physician Kit and enrolment package.

Well, when I received my first package, I was sooooo excited.  There were several oils and oil blends to try out, some I had tried before and some that I had never experienced.  The first thing I did was open each oil and have a good ol sniff.  (The kids did too).  What caught my attention straight away was the fact that the fragrances were so ‘clean’.  They smelt exactly how they should.  Especially the peppermint oil, remember I had years of experience with it so knew that this little bottle in my hand was extra special.

Of course, I started using the oils for both mine and the rest of the families benefit.  And benefit we did.  A lot of my issues were aided with the oils.  Frankincense being the main one that was the most beneficial, and it worked, I couldn’t believe it.  My energy levels were upped, I was no longer getting frustrated over small stuff.  I was able to concentrate much more.  I was amazed.

The following month I treated us to a diffuser, it has to be the most beneficial bit of kit I have.  It has a permanent place above my desk.  I can diffuse whichever oil I am drawn to for the day (and yes this is how I usually do it -intuitively).  I have also selected oils on what I need – lemon to uplift, lavender to relax, on guard or breath for the start of sniffles and coughs.  The kids love it – it has become part of their daily ritual too.  They come in from school, Wills will go and clean it, fill it with water and then they take turns on choosing an oil (usually with much sniffing each oil first lol).

DoTERRA has opened up a whole new world of essential oils.  To both me and my children, even my partner now loves some deep blue rubbed in when his neck or back is aching.  And what I love about DoTERRA is this – wholesale prices, sourcing the best essential oils, helping the communities where these are harvested, charitable events and fund raising, and receiving some of my oils for free!  Yes FREE!

And now it is my turn to help YOU.  How would you like help to discover which essential oils and crystals could help and support your emotional and spiritual well being?  I have the perfect way to do so –

comp session feb-mar-apr

Contact me as soon as possible to book your session.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Nikki xxx


2 thoughts on “Essential Oils and me!

  1. Wonderful story and article. I haven’t tried oils, partially because I’m a college student, but I like the idea. My mother uses a lamp that heats up oils and I love the fragrance that it emits. Although I enjoy incense a ton, I will surely have to try oils in the future. Great post.


    1. Hi Tracey, I am a student as well, so only treat myself to an oil or two a month out of my points etc that I earn. Its a good way to supplement your income. One word of advice, treat your mum to a diffuser at some point, heating the oils can damage the volatile compounds and make them less effective.

      Nikki xx

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