Enhancing your life with spiritual baths!

As I am sure a lot of you are looking for new ways to relax and enhance your actual well being in 2016, I thought I would share with you the benefits of spiritual baths.

Firstly, like soaking in any nice, hot bath, the main benefit would be relaxation.  But what if I told you that your bath could be so much more. How?  You can turn your precious bath time into a spiritual connection, a spell casting, an emotional support or just a simple meditation exercise.  You can make this as simple or as complicated as you wish. And here is your handy guide to start turning your precious me time into so much more.

The basics of a spiritual bath are simple –  a good few handfuls of salt (can be himalayan, epsom or just plain old table salt, a couple of tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda (or baking soda if you are in the US) and TIME.  You don’t want to rush it.  See this as part of your well being as you would going to gym, or preparing special meals.  This is self care at it’s best and most relaxing.  And trust me, no matter how busy we are, spending time doing this makes a whole heap of difference to your mental and physical health.

Now you add in the secondary details – candles, music, meditation pieces – anything you know helps you to relax.  You could even ‘listen’ to a good book.  You decide how this is going to go for you.

Lastly, and this is where the fun begins you can add in your ‘ingredients’ to achieve other states of mind!

I am going to share with you a few of my favourites.  And how to perform the ‘ritual’ of a spiritual bath.  First the recipes (I use a mixture of dried herbs, flowers, essential oils and tinctures).

Warming/Money Drawing Bath:- 

Add – cinnamon (either straight out your store cupboard) or use essential oil.

Relaxing/Luck Drawing Bath:-

Add – chamomile flowers (I use dried flowers from my magic herb store cupboard) and or calendula flowers.

Love Bath :-  My children particularly like this one, and I think it harmonises their relationships together.

Add – patchouli flowers and rose petals

Spirit Connection Bath:-

Add – dried mugwort or a mugwort tincture (I will share the recipe for this at the end of the blog)

Aching Muscles Bath:-  These are quite strong aromas in this one.

Add – peppermint oil, wintergreen and frankincense essential oils.

Uplifting Bath:-

Add – Lemon peel, orange peel – and/or their essential oils.  In fact any citrus oil will do but I find the lemon and orange to be the best.

Spiritual Protection Bath:-

Add – lavender and cinnamon.

The ritual – if you can call it that:-

Make up your recipe, get a bowl and mix together your ingredients.  The salt, the bicarbonate of soda, add your essential oils (10 – 15 in total), herbs, flowers and mix well together.  Run your bath whilst this is infusing together.  As hot as you are comfortable with.  Once your bath has run, turn off the water, and add your bath salts, stirring it in clockwise.  Light your candles, put on your music, get in and relax.  Stay in there at least 20-30 minutes, longer if you want or can.  Whilst you are in there – meditate, visualise your goals, read psalm 23 if so drawn, recite kabbalah prayers – whatever you wish to do.  There is no right or wrong way with this.  When it is time to get out, pat yourself dry or air dry.  Do not scrub your skin.  And then wrap up warm.  Clean your bath – some of these ingredients may stain if you leave them in the drying bath (I have lovely purplish stains from patchouli flowers from when my children had them in their bath lol). Sit down and relax.

I have just given you a few examples, you can experiment.  There are a myriad of pages and books out there that can help.  Always check the safety of your ingredients, especially where essential oils are concerned.  If you want to be sure of the best quality – I can help with that.

Talk to me about getting therapeutic grade essential oils that are not only good for your bathtime, but can be used all the time to enhance your own mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.  Message me here to book a complimentary session.

comp session feb-mar-apr


Enjoy your ‘ME’ time.  Do not think this is in anyway prescriptive – have fun with it.  Explore new aromas, new ingredients or keep it simple.  It is entirely up to you, but remember this is a tool you can use to engage with and take responsibility for your own well being.

Off to take my own spiritual bath now – hmmmm what shall I use tonight!

Nikki xx

PS – Mugwort tincture – take one tablespoon of dried mugwort and mix in a jar with 5 tablespoons of alcohol (has to be 40% proof).  Put in a dark cupboard, shake every couple of days for at least 2 weeks.  Strain it – use the liquid as a tincture. Mugwort is for spiritual connection and psychic enhancement.



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