Using Affirmations To Change Your Reality!

I was sitting here all day, trying to think up something to blog about this week, and I was just designing some artwork for a brief idea I had when it hit me…………I could share with you how positive affirmations have helped me this week.

A couple of weeks ago, I sat down and I went through my budgets.  Both personal and business.  Something I hadn’t done properly before.  Stupid I know.  I had worked out my personal budget, I knew how much spare I had and for the business I was just saying – yeah I have spare I can do that, I can do that, I can subscribe to that!  This was not a good plan.  Every month I was getting more and more into the red and not really realising why.

Anyway, I finally sat down and looked at my finances properly.  I wanted to cry if I am totally honest with you.  I didn’t have any spare cash at all, in fact we were overspending, mainly on the business.  After I mopped up my ‘almost’ tears, I decided I could either carry on burying my head or I could work on this.  There was nothing I could cut back on, as we have done that already, instead I decided it was time to get real, and work out exactly what I needed from my business – Nikki’s Mystic Corner (all parts of it – etsy, website, DoTERRA and face to face) – where finances were concerned!  It wasn’t pretty.  I worked out exactly what I needed to bring in to make my business more viable than it already was.  And I have to admit, it is very scary.  Not that Nikki’s Mystic Corner is costing me a huge amount, but of course there are outlays – insurance, money aside for tax, websites, fees, subscriptions to services, postage, advertising, stock and materials.  I came up with a figure that I needed to not only cover these costs but to also give me some financial freedom.

Now, rather than just sitting on this figure and hoping for the best (as I have done in the past), I have been writing it in my positivity journal every night as part of my daily affirmations.  And do you know what?  It is working.  Since doing this I have – negotiated a custom deal for a large amount of resin pieces, I have earnt and exceeded the amount I write in my diary for this week and I have lots of new ideas (asked for in journal and meditation) that will also create extra income.

I want to share with you how to do this for yourself.  And it all begins with a positive attitude.  It is no good writing these things down and in your head thinking – nah never gonna happen.  You have to believe, feel and see it happening.  You also need to put things into present tense and write as if you already have them.  For example it is no good writing:-

I want to be happy!  I want to earn £10 a day.  I wish I was successful.

You need to write:-

I AM happy! I am earning £10 a day.  I am successful in everything I do.

Do you see the difference?  Do see how this makes it far more powerful?  When you come from a place of positive emotion, you bring positivity into your life and it is this that makes the whole difference. It has to me.  And for that I am grateful to the Divine Universe.

Now let me help you see things in a positive fashion.  Sign up for my Infiniti package TODAY and start living in the positive way you are meant to be.  Don’t settle for negative emotions and thinking, let’s start working on this together.  You can change your life and live happily every after!


Nikki xxxx


Infiniti Energy Therapy



2 thoughts on “Using Affirmations To Change Your Reality!

  1. Great post Nikki. Making affirmations are absolutely essential, especially if you want success. I make affirmations every day and they make me feel powerful. I am rich, I am happy, I am successful at what I do. See, I feel powerful as I write!

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