And Relax…………….

I had a very trying few days over the weekend. My anxiety levels were so high, I thought I was going to have palpitations or even a panic attack (never had one indoors before).

I had so much information, ideas, plans and just rubbish going around in my head, and I couldn’t settle down to do any of it.  This made me even more anxious.  Not wanting to lose it all, couldn’t even get up the mental capacity to write it down.   I really didn’t know what was going on, nothing I tried was working.  I was either sleeping too much or not getting enough sleep.  I was thinking there was something quite wrong.  Overwhelmed and stressed, and not knowing why!

And then it kicked in, I had a clearance of my brain fog (not for long but enough to see what was going on) it was a full moon.  I am always affected by the energies surrounding full moons and new moons, but not quite so intensely.  As soon as I realised what was affecting me, I became more settled in my emotions.  I stopped fighting against the feelings and decided to work with them instead.  What I also realised was that all the anxiety was directed towards my working.  And from what I can find on google, this leo full moon had moved into my 6th house – work!

Well, once it all clicked into place, it made it far more easy to look for solutions to the anxiety I was feeling.  I was drawn to using spearmint essential oil.  I had always thought that any of the mint oils were uplifting and energising, I didn’t need anymore energy I was buzzing with enough to put me into palpitations lol.  But it was the only oil, that had the effect of calming me down enough to switch off and go asleep and that I could actually bear the smell of.  I had to check it out.  And do you know what I discovered?  Yes it is for energising, but it can also calm an overactive mind.  Just what I needed.

I can finally relax…………………………………

And this is what I love about essential oils, there isn’t a one size fits all.  Yes, each oil has its range of therapeutic benefits that people readily know ie lavender is usually used for calming.  However, every oil has so many constituents and chemicals within it’s makeup, it makes them useful for so much more.  And each one of us responds and reacts to each one differently.

And this is why I offer the complimentary session, together we can go through which emotions are affecting you the most and look at different oils that may help.  Not just giving you the bog standard oil.  If you want more help with this then get in touch, we can book your session, check which emotions, well being goals or spiritual concerns you may have, and work from there.  Plus if you take out a membership to DoTERRA you also have the chance of winning an Animal Spirit Reading.


Nikki xxxx (who smells minty fresh lol)

comp session feb-mar-apr

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