Have Faith In The Cherry!

I know I know, the title of this blog doesn’t make much sense, but it will.

Today, I was playing with my 3 year old, and he wanted something – probably sweets, and so I asked him what it was worth, and he said that he loved me (classic line to get something).  I replied that he loved me anyway so it had to be bigger and better, so he said he loved me with a cherry on top.  Again (stalling trying to wrack my brains to see if we actually did have any sweets), I asked how big this cherry was, and the usual reply came with wide open arms “this big”.  I then said wow that is a big cherry, how do I know it is real?

His answer –

Have faith in the cherry (with a little help from eldest)!!!!!

And that statement got me thinking.  Leading a positive life, making affirmations, having gratitude, helping others – all these things and more depend on us having faith!  Faith in positive results, faith in the Universe to provide, faith in Divine spirit (or whatever divine being you believe in), faith in your own abilities and so much more.

We can’t always see the ‘cherry’ but having faith in the outcome is so important.

So my new motto is – HAVE FAITH IN THE CHERRY!

And if you need help seeing that cherry, let me help with my Infiniti Programme.  Allow yourself to reach your own positive potential by investing in YOU!  The programme is going up in price at the end of February.

Infiniti Energy Therapy

Much love and blessings


Nikki xxxx

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