Messages From Above!

And embracing your fears!

You know, I am not sure what to write tonight.  I never plan my blogs, not really, just go with the flow, and see what comes up during the week, and see if I can make it into something interesting for all of you.

Where do I begin?

I embraced some more of my fears the past few weeks.  I really don’t do well with people coming into my personal space.  I worry about their judgement on me, my home, my kids etc.  I also find it more difficult to switch off my empathic side, and yes I do know how, but worrying about everything else makes me forget about it.  So all in all, it makes it difficult.

Anyway, I decided to take another step outside of my comfort zone and host an essential oil event.  I invited several people who had been here before to make it easier on myself.  And took a deep breath and got on with it.  It was brilliant.  I had fun doing it.

Afterwards I scheduled a couple more of the same events.  Knowing I could do it, and this time inviting people that had never been here before.

Now this is where the messages from above come in.  Since doing this event, it got me thinking –


Why can’t I do more?

Why can’t I have workshops here?

Why am I waiting for my garden renovations to be completed and my therapy centre to be built?

Ok – they can’t be huge events as it will be in my living room, but I can still pass on my knowledge and expertise in this way.  And so the messages began.  Every night, in my dreams – messages and more messages from above.  I have plans and ideas coming out of my ears.  They have guided me to which ones, and how to do them.  I am truly excited about it all.  Some will be free little fun things to do.  Others will be paid for and be proper workshops.  I have reams of written notes, and some ideas that are still not on paper.

Yesterday, I worked on scheduling the first few into my calendar.  Thing is, in my dreams, they were always saying how urgent it was to get the ball rolling and I was still procrastinating and finding every excuse in the book, scheduling them was not easy (but that was probably still my fears talking), I did it though.

And last night I found out why it was so urgent.  I won’t go into the details, but we had a huge financial blow to our budget (a couple actually).  My guides were obviously pushing me, so that I can lessen the extent of this.  I spent last night, going from tears, to budgeting, to more tears, to planning.  It was a roller coaster.  Today, I have been far more upbeat about it all.  Yes, things will be extremely tight.  But we can do it.  I am sure we can do it.  And I am also sure of what the Universe is trying to tell me right now – to keep going.

Here is the current list of events:-

Nikki’s Mystic Corner Events

That’s enough from me for another week.  I am off to sort through all these notes and get the ball rolling on a few more ideas.


Nikki xx

PS – I do have a gofundme page for my therapy centre and I would totally appreciate any little bit of help that you can give, or even if you can share it – many many thanks

My fundraising for Nikki’s Mystic Corner Therapy Centre


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