Simplifying and Setting Boundaries..

I am not talking boundaries with other people here folks, I am talking about setting boundaries with myself.  I get on my laptop, with good intentions to get loads done.  And do you know what happens – nothing.  Well, not nothing exactly, not all the time. But there are times when I seem to be at it for hours and at the end of it, all I have done is read my emails, got distracted by some interesting posts and ideas, tried to get back on track, procrastinated a bit……………..and so it goes on.

Which is why, as part of my goals this year, was the notion to get some or rather more of my business automated.  Not that I have yet, apart from using hootsuite to schedule my posts now which is amazingly easy.  This is very much a work in progress as they say.  (Which really translates to – it’s still on the list!)

Something else that comes up a lot is about simplification.  How do I do that?  I don’t really have any clue, but to me it means looking at what I am trying to get done, what time I have to do it, and when it needs to be done by.

With all this in mind, I decided to try something yesterday, and it seemed to work.  I set myself timers.  Rather than just floating along, I set alarms.  The first was 2 hours of studying/reading for my degree.  I got caught up!  I didn’t let myself get distracted for the whole 2 hours I set.  From there I had a break, and watched some tv.  My next 2 hour block consisted of my scheduling, and when I was invited to a skype call with a very good friend of mine, rather than letting the timer run out, I paused it.  When the call was over, I restarted it.  Another break, and then I worked on some of the miscellaneous stuff that sits on my list.  At the end of the night, I had got so much done, I had kept distractions to a minimum with the promise of breaks, food and free time.

I have done the same today.  Set my timer for my studying, and despite the kids being off school, I have already drafted almost half of my next assignment.  I had a break, and now back to doing my scheduling.  Once this timer has gone off, another food/coffee break, before moving onto some of the simplification items on my list.

This may not be very exciting to you guys, to be honest it isn’t to me either lol, what it means to me is that I am not beating myself up for getting distracted which is another distraction in itself.  I am managing to stay on top of things, and not thinking I have failed when they haven’t been done.  Which in turn means that I am staying more ‘work’ positive. And let’s face it, I work for myself, doing a job that I love, so I really don’t want anything to tarnish that or make my work feel like a ‘chore’.

Now how does this help you lot?  It doesn’t, not really.  But it may help you to rethink what you do.  It may help you to set some personal boundaries.  It may even make you realise that getting distracted is normal, beating yourself up over it is also normal but not necessary.  And if I have helped just one person realise this, then my job is done.

Right, am off before my next alarm goes off.  The treat this time – coffee and tv (oh and maybe some more of the chocolate unicorn that my other half presented me with today to cheer my up after the horrendous week we had).


Nikki xxx

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