Finding what is outside your comfort zone..

Wow……………………all I can say is WOW!

I am sitting here now, writing this with a huge grin on my face.  And do you know why?  Some of you might if you follow my facebook page.  I have just hosted (along with Sigal Zoldan) my first ever webinar.

I admit, I was scared shitless (scuse my french and all that).  We had prepared a script, Sigal prepared the slides and we were going to do this.  That date on my calendar was looming and I felt a little out of control with it all.  I don’t mean forced into it or anything.  I went into this with my eyes wide open.  I was getting anxious and out of my depth because – a) I had never done anything like this before, b) I was going to have to give a talk, c) this was a public event and d) did I mention I was going to have to talk and actually record it.

I have already written some blogs and mentioned stepping outside my comfort zone, way outside in some instances, but this was a whole other level.  I wasn’t just stepping, I was flying into a whole new galaxy.

Then that time came and we had to start.  We got to my bit, I swallowed down my fear and said my lines.  I think if you could have seen me at that point, the fear and the relief of starting it was visible lololololol.

An hour and 15 minutes later, it was over.  It went so quickly.  I actually enjoyed it, had fun, and it all went smoothly.  I was so pleased.

It opens up so many possibilities and doors to me.  It is something that I wanted to do, but was to afraid to do it.  And now I have and it’s like OMG.

What helped me with this are my essential oils – specifically grounding ones, to help bring me down from that elevated sense of fear and anxiety.  So if you need some help with oils then contact me.  We can begin your journey together.

Many many blessings

Nikki xx

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