…And Into The Light!

Where do I begin this week?

At the beginning I suppose.

I was so elated after doing the webinar last week, but it was marred by an incident that happened before hand.  A comment!  A simple comment, but it was enough to worm its way into my psyche.  And boy did it affect me!

I won’t go into details, but it sent me on a nose dive quicker than I could say Boo.

And this is what I want to address.  How one simple comment can so mess up another person.  We should all think far more before we speak, act or comment on something.  If I had been a stronger person, it may not have affected me. If I had been weaker, the damage could well have been far, far worse.

On the flip side, the comments of love, understanding and pure unadulterated support that I had from voicing how low it had taken me, brought me back out of the cloud of darkness, soaring into the light.

I cannot tell you, how elated I felt by the end of the week.  How loved I felt!

It is a good job really, as it was my birthday as well.  I celebrated and enjoyed myself more than I thought possible when all this happened.

And this is the point of this blog.  Remember that your words and actions can destroy someone or lift them up more than you can ever imagine.

Watch what you say or do.  Be the person that lifts someone up, not the one who knocks them down.

Blessings to every one who lifted me up last week, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Nikki x

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