And How To Do It!

Do you know what mindful walking is?  To me it is walking and letting my thoughts take over.  As each step is taken, a new thought process, a new idea, or just taking in the moment, seeing the view, enjoying the air etc etc etc.

Every day after school, the littlies and me walk around our local park.  It is approximately a mile all the way round.  And whilst the kids run, and play games, I am walking mindfully.

I don’t set out with a plan or what I want to think about.  I appreciate the views, I check out the clouds, I place my feet carefully.  And I just let my thoughts wander.  I have had the best ideas and solutions to problems when I just walk.  (I also get good ones whilst dreaming but that is another blog altogether).

I enjoy my time doing this.  Yes, some days it is a real effort to even get going, which is why I do it straight from school.  If I went home first, it wouldn’t happen.  The kids enjoy it too, I think they do some mindful walking as well, some of their questions as we walk would suggest that they too are working through things that happened at school, or home and they take the opportunity to clear them.

When I am feeling particularly down, this helps me. It clears the cobwebs and allows my brain to process what needs to be addressed.

And then when I get in, a warm drink (especially as it is so cold at the moment), my diffuser sorted with some focusing and uplifting oils and a sit down (I apply deep blue essential oil to my knee as it aches with any sort of exercise).  Bliss.  Plus the added benefit of ensuring that I do some exercise each day.

Why not try it yourself?  Even a 10 minute walk is so beneficial.  Don’t set a destination, or a time limit, just walk, and see what revelations you are gifted with.


Nikki xxx

ps – if you want to find out more about essential oils and their benefits as well, drop me a quick message and I would be happy to help.



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