All you need is friends!

Hi Mysticals – it has been a couple of weeks since I wrote a blog post.  Lots of reasons for this, being a little overwhelmed, my little one ended up in hospital (he decided he wanted to be a walking money box – I was not thrilled!) and then the fall out from it all.

I don’t know about you, but any time spend in hospital makes me feel drained and worn out.  I suppose it is my empathic side, I feel everybody else, and hospitals have such raw energy, pain and fear in, that I cannot help, no matter how much protection I put in place, to feel everything.  And it certainly took it’s toll.  This is my son’s x-ray so you can see exactly what a walking money box looks like –


Yes that is a 50 pence piece, stuck in his oesophagus, that had to be surgically removed!

I was so low from the hospital, that it was taking all my energy just to stay sane (well as sane as I normally am – which to some is probably more coocoo than most lol).

By the end of last week, all I wanted to do, was hibernate.  My other half had other plans, and even though he was not feeling too good himself, he made sure we went out.  To the Longers, as they are affectionately called.  I banished him with the rest of the boys to the ‘shed’ and me and Mrs L spent the evening, reminiscing, sharing memories, and cussing out the boys.  And although that doesn’t sound that exciting – it did me the world of good.  Knowing there is somewhere you can go, or someone you can talk to, cry at, moan to and generally not be your usual happy self with, is such an excellent, amazing thing to have.

We both have our issues, problems and moaning to do.  We support each other when we need to.  We have built up a friendship over the years from working together and actually not ‘getting on’ so much to begin with.  Which Mrs L reminded me of on Saturday!   She put me off my new job, and I did a good job of putting up walls that took a long time to break down.  But now, we are so glad we worked through it.

Loving your friends, and the time you spend together is important.

Do you have this kind of support network in place?  We aren’t in each others pockets, which is also important to both of us.  We both need our space, but we also know that when the going gets tough – we have each other, and each other’s other halves.  We all get on so well, and can be honest and open.

Now I know that not everybody is lucky enough to have this kind of support, which is why, when people come to me, I do my utmost to help them as much as I can.  Some may call me stupid for doing so, but I would like to think that if I had no-one, someone would listen to me.

My energy therapies, readings and guidance are all there to help others, it is in my nature to do so.  Even when I am needing help myself, I can still find it in me to assist those that have nowhere else to turn.

So next time you need some extra guidance, insight or support – contact me.  Book an energy therapy session or a reading, message me on facebook, or treat yourself to one of my many pieces of spiritual jewellery or crystals.  I work hard to make these things as supporting as I can to you.



Nikki xx


2 thoughts on “All you need is friends!

  1. Hospitals are horrible aren’t they? My daughter also once swallowed a 50p. I couldn’t believe it was possible. We were a bit luckier as it seemed to slip down OK but she has to ‘pass’ it later. Children, what are they like?


    1. I hate hospitals – but then who does love them? Ouch for her passing it. My son managed to line it up perfectly – as you can see from the xray – what you can’t see as I don’t have the other x ray, is that it is perfectly straight from a side view too. He couldn’t have lined it up better if he had tried lol. The surgeon did say he struggled to get it out too. My son – he will be the cause of many more grey hairs lol x

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