And my relationship with it!

Hi Mysticals,

I am going to start this week’s blog with a poem I wrote a couple of years ago.



And this is truly how it gets to me.  A year ago, it would be almost a constant battle.  Now, not so regular, maybe once or twice a month when it gets really bad.  The difference between now and then isn’t so much the frequency but the fact that I lived in total fear of being dragged under again and again. Now, I no longer fear the dark days, nor wait for them to happen.  It achieves nothing, and actually spoils the days that aren’t spent under that dark cloud.  I take each and every day as it comes.

The other difference is that I now have a whole range of ‘tools’ to help stop my depression in its tracks, the minute I feel it taking over.  From self reiki, to essential oils, stopping the negative self talk, to relaxation – a whole gamut of things to try.  Sometimes one method will be more effective than another.  They don’t always work at all, hence the less frequent attacks.  And yes they are attacks. Attacks on my well-being.

I think that once someone has suffered from depression, it is always right there under the surface.  Even when we think we are over it, when we don’t suffer for years, or never really believed that was what was wrong in the first place – it is still there waiting for something to let it out.

I do not let it rule my life anymore.  I certainly don’t hate it either.  It isn’t pleasant when it happens, but hate is an even more destructive use of your energy.  Instead, I embrace it.

That may sound a very strange thing to do.  Embrace your depression.  But it works.  If part of your negative self talk whilst in an attack of depression is hatred for your feelings, then how can you possibly bring yourself out of it.  You are digging a deeper, blacker hole.  Rather than hating your feelings, allow yourself to feel them.  There is a reason that feeling is showing up.  Understand there is a reason behind it, try to find the reason, and then work on that rather than hating yourself.  Working on one small part at a time, focusing your attention, gaining some insight and allowing yourself to gain back your power.  Depression takes away your power, so by gaining it back bit by bit brings a sense of achievement, and that achievement means that you can work on the next feeling/reason more effectively.

And this is where I can help too.  Sometimes we cannot see the woods for the trees.  We cannot see that we can gain back our personal power, by acting on one small part of it at a time.  It takes someone outside the situation to help.  Let that someone be me, invest in your well being and use my services to support you.

A card reading – may bring about a new direction to look at

An Energy Therapy – may relax you enough to stop the self hatred

Crystals – can re-energise yourself and your surroundings

Essential Oils – work on all levels of consciousness

Orgone/Jewellery – bring positive energy, angel energy etc

Infiniti Package – gives you the benefits of crystals, essential oils, meditations and self healing

Courses – home study courses of different energy therapies allow you to always have it at your ‘fingertips’ so to speak

I know that one of mine, and probably yours too, may be finances.  But don’t let this stop you from asking me for help.  Some of my services start at just a few pounds.  Others can be more expensive, but I am always willing to work out payment plans etc.  On my facebook page, I regularly give away mini readings, and have a monthly pay it forward energy therapy session thread, where you can nominate people to receive it.  And lastly, a complimentary essential oil consultation or crystal consultation can be booked.

I am always there to help, and as a sufferer of depression, I can empathise with what is going on more fully.

Let us fight this battle together, standing strong against depression!


Nikki xxx

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