to be more spiritual!

Every day after school (as long as the weather isn’t too bad) we walk around the park.  I measured it the other day with one of those gps map app thingies – the whole walk from front door, to the school, around the park and home again is 2.4 km.

Today, we decided not to walk all the way round, the kids wanted to run around on the grass, and I can’t say I blame them.  So, we sat down.

Me, well I planned to get some grounding and meditation in, whilst they ran around like loons.  However, the minute they saw me take my shoes off, they came over and lay down for their ‘meditation’ time.  The shoes and socks came off just after this pic was taken.

We got some strange looks from others in the park, especially one mum, whose littlun came right over to us.  You could see she was thinking – omg her kids don’t have shoes on!  Did I care – no not really.  My children were embracing their spiritual side, grounding themselves, relaxing and meditating, looking at the sky and the clouds.  Who am I to stop them?

I want them to be able to do these things, to know when they need some time out to just watch the clouds, be mindful, meditate and ground themselves.  I actively encourage tree hugging (much to bemusement of the rest of my family and friends).  They ask the trees for leaves, branches and bark when they want to bring some nature indoors.  I want them to grow up, still doing these things.

Next time you take your little ones to a park, let them take their shoes off and run free.  See, how much it benefits them, try it yourself too.  You will be amazed by how good it feels.

selfie time  This was us our after meditation selfie lol.

Nikki x


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