My Nan and Me!

A quick blog this week, nothing too taxing or complicated – my brain has been taxed enough with Uni.

I have never ever thought that I looked like the rest of my immediate family.  Mainly because for most of my childhood, I was always told how much I looked like my absent father’s family.  And it’s true – I did.

This week, I posted a picture up on both my personal facebook page, and my business page – – of my grandparents, and me as a baby.  The amount of people that commented, telling me how much I looked like my nan was a surprise.  So I compared my picture of my nan, and the profile picture on my facebook page – and I can see a total resemblance there.

My nan was a gorgeous woman in her younger years, and still had her looks as she aged.  So I am pleased that people think I look like her.  Although I won’t be adopting the blonde rinse and hairstyle – think I will still to my straight locks and purple tendencies (I know you can’t see it in the pic but my hair is purple in the under layers!)

I think the moral of this story is – that sometimes it takes others to point out what is right under your nose, so don’t be afraid to ask for help or opinions when you need them the most.


Ps – and take this as a reminder too, to always look for signs from your spirit guides, my nan and grandad are with me all the time, but even I need reassurance at times, and they were there providing it when I was finding things difficult at the weekend.


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