And realising it is happening!

Hi Mysticals,

Another weekly blog for you all to enjoy, and I am certainly loving writing it.

What does manifestation mean to you?  To me it means, making my dreams, goals and desires come to life and become reality.  Now, I know there are plenty of ‘programs’ out there, by lots of different people telling you how to do this.  But lets keep this simple, and then show you how it has worked for me this week.

As far as I am concerned, when you are trying to manifest something into reality, it is no good just to say I want something and then just sit back and think that it will come to you.  It does not work like that.  You  need to put some effort into it yourself.  Writing it down, seeing how you can actively work towards that dream, breaking it up into manageable steps, all allow it to happen for real.

The other thing to remember is that it doesn’t always happen in the way you think it will happen.  You cannot be rigid in your expectations.  You can certainly be clear and concise in what you want to achieve, but do not fool yourself into thinking that there is only one way to move forward.  There are cross roads, roundabouts and stop signs all getting in the way, and the ultimate way to manifest, is knowing how to navigate around these.

Take for example my wedding!  I never thought I would even get married, let alone trying to plan one.  I had a dream venue in mind, somewhere I can see myself having my reception, but I knew it would be expensive, and so dismissed it totally, especially as we are having to do this on shoestring, not having a pot to piss in right now! (Scuse my language!)

Anyway, my gorgeous other half decided to contact this venue.  He didn’t get any replies, and so he then put all my details in the contact form, two days later they were ringing me, to my great surprise.  We arranged a visit (not that I needed one – I love this place), we discussed our requirements and then waited for the quote.  All the time I knew I would not be able to afford it, but truly hoping I could, and visualising it all the time.

Two weeks later, still no quote.  So I chased them up, a day later the quote came back and OMG I could have died from a heart attack.  The price wasn’t what I thought it would be (out of our league already), no it was more than double what I thought.  And, although I was upset, I was also secretly pleased at the quote – sounds masochistic right?

I’ll explain – if it had been the cost I thought, I may have been tempted at overstretching, putting ourselves in more debt etc. to have that wedding.  By it being double again, it was a straightforward – NO.  And I put it out of my mind, we got on with arranging a reception here at home, deciding on a caterer, planning the decor and everything else.

Imagine my surprise, when the venue rang me today.  And when I explained my predicament, with the cost, the Event Manager, came up with a bombshell – change it from having a marquee, to using the house and cut the cost to literally a sixth of the price, with some stipulations, and other ‘cutbacks’.  I still have no money, but I am working on that, but the amount is now far more doable.  I will get my dream wedding, now to manifest the money!

This is just one example that has happened to me this week.  Another has to do with the business, in an area that I have always been thinking about, and I now have the opportunity to be involved this way.  Meeting people that can help me further another part of my business has also happened.  It is exciting stuff.  And stuff that happened – the long way round through some t junctions, pedestrian crossings and even a few dead ends.

So, my message to you this week, is don’t give up your dreams.  Make your visualisations, affirmations and intentions as colourful, clear and concise as possible.  If something happens that throws you a bit of a left turn, take it, it can still happen, don’t give up.  Look at other ways to achieve them, take small baby steps, that end up larger and larger until you look back and see the great distance you have already come.

And if you need help with some guidance and insight on the way – contact me – – book a reading, ask questions, have an energy therapy (relaxing and trusting helps) and keep moving forward.


Nikki xxx

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