Watching your daughter giving birth!

Well, where do I start.  This week I supported my eldest, Jessebea, give birth to her gorgeous son, and my cute little grandson.  Yes, yes – apparently I am old enough to be a nan!

As any parent would tell you, watching your child in pain and not being able to help is bad enough, add that extra level of empathy in as well, and that’s it – it’s all over!  My mum had already shared with me, that it was hard to watch me giving birth, and she did it 3 out 5 times.

For most of the day, it was fairly easy watching and helping her.  She had elected to have an epidural, which once done correctly (first try only numbed her left side), worked quite well, and made me a little bit jealous that I hadn’t opted for this with the 4 of mine that came out of the basement, the sun roof escapee was done by epidural.

Once the serious business of pushing the little bundle of joy out finally started, things weren’t quite so easy.  My daughter was not allowed a top up or the gas and air (omg this stuff is amazing and should come as standard with parenthood!) because the little monster was already being awkward and may have needed assistance.

Watching my daughter in that much pain was so hard.  Knowing exactly what she was going through, and how much it was hurting her.  Seeing the panic on her face, and not being able to help ease it was heart breaking.

You may well all be thinking that here is someone who is trained in healing energies, why didn’t I use them.  I did try, and who knows they may have helped a little, but attempting to concentrate on sending healing energy whilst fighting back tears is not easy.  Not only that, remember these energy therapies only work if it’s for your highest good, and to be perfectly honest with you, feeling your child being born is a ‘pain’ that as women we must all bear.

And this is where the empathy comes in – I felt every pain, every push, every movement.  Not as strong – granted.  But I felt it.  I was pushing along with her.  Breathing with her, whilst also trying to comfort her and give her extra support.

Her other half – was brilliant too.  And he did really well at keeping her as calm as he could.

At 10.10 pm on the 7th of June – little Jackson Lee was born, weighing 7lb 3 oz.  My daughter gave birth to her son, and I gave birth to huge bruise on my chest where Jessie’s foot was.

jackson laughing edited

One very proud mum and nanny.

Nikki xx


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