Naturally Balancing Your Chakras

Hi Mysticals,

This week I thought I would share a little bit about the chakras and how to keep them balanced naturally.

I will keep it simple and not delve into chakras too deeply here, this is more about how you can work on them yourself, and keep them open, balanced and working correctly.

Firstly, I would like to point out, that getting your chakras aligned and balanced by someone like myself helps in many ways, and can be an important step in increasing your well being.  From there you can work on them yourself, knowing you have a good starting point.

What are chakras?

On a very basic level, chakras are natural energy points within our own auric and bodily fields.  Energy flows up from the earth, through our chakras.  So if one chakra is off balance, this energy flow does not work so well.

There are seven main chakras that we need to work on.  Those being the root chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, brow chakra and crown chakra.  Each one governs certain areas within our physical body, as well as our emotional responses.  There are many more chakras, but these 7 are the basic ones we need to keep aligned.

Basic Chakra Information –

Root – red – Base of the spine – survival

Sacral – orange – Just below the navel – sexuality

Solar Plexus – yellow – upper abdomen – self worth

Heart – green – heart – inner peace

Throat – blue – throat – communcation

Brow – dark blue/purple – our focus

Crown – purple/white – connection to spirit


My favourite ways to work on my chakras naturally are colour, crystals, essential oils and meditation.

Colour – Each chakra has a colour frequency (given above), using the colour of a particular chakra will help to naturally maintain that energy.  So wear red to work on your root chakra, or blue to work on your throat chakra.  Burning candles of the appropriate colours also works really well too.  And using crystals of the same colour frequency also helps.  Wearing near the chakra you are working on.

Meditation – I have a meditation that I teach on some of my courses, that works on each chakra in turn.  But as a basic start – get yourself comfortable, and imagine you are surrounded by the colour of the chakra you want to work on.  Bathe in the colour, until you feel – intuitively – it is time to move to the next one or close your meditation.

Essential Oils – diffusing the oils that match each chakra helps to align them too.


Other ways to balance them naturally are – foods, eating foods that match the colour of the chakras, walking bare foot, sitting on the floor, listening to particular sound frequencies.

So, next time you are feeling out of whack, consider getting your chakras aligned, and then work on keeping them aligned naturally. Surround yourself with rainbows and you just cannot go wrong.

Here is a handy chart that I put together with some oils, crystals and affirmations for each chakra –

chakra chart


Visit my website – to book a chakra session, or a home study course on balancing your chakras.


Nikki x


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