They are setting in!

I am procrastinating big time.  Cannot get any motivation started.  And why you may well ask.  Well, I am booked to do my first ever speaker session on Saturday (at an event that I have helped to organise as well), and because my nerves are setting in, my anxiety levels are rising and I cannot concentrate on anything.

I have a list of tasks to do.  Can I get started on any of them – no!

On Saturday, as well as speaking, I have a stand selling my bits and pieces, plus I will be offering to do some readings too.  This all needs to get organised and packed up.  On top of this, I have orders on my etsy shop, email readings to do and studying.

I need a big injection of pulling up my big girl knickers and getting on with it.  But that is so much easier said than done.

Hence why this is going to be such a short blog this week.

I need coffee and chocolate iv lines, maybe a sugar rush will get me started!

See you next week (and if you want to see some of the stuff that will be there Saturday visit my Etsy Shop.

Nikki x

PS – if you want to come along and see me nervously trying to talk then visit the Enfield Wellbeing Showcase website


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