Self-care and why it is important!

Let’s start this blog with something I did the other night.  I had the house to myself (well almost, kids were in bed and Chris was out creating new items), and I had a lot of work to catch up on.  I had mentioned earlier that I might have a nice long soak in a spiritual bath, but hadn’t got around to it.  The main reason for this was the amount of work and study I had to do.

For a couple of hours I tried to concentrate on the pile of things to do, and just could not seem to get anything achieved, finished or even started in some cases.  My head was not comprehending the stuff in front of it.  I kept uhmming and ahhing over having a bath.  I managed to get zero work done.  In the end (about 10 pm), I thought to myself that this is going nowhere, I might as well pack up and go and have that bath.  Even though I thought I was wasting time I could be productive, even though I couldn’t really be bothered running it, even though I truly couldn’t even be bothered to mix up some spiritual bath salts.


I put my laptop to one side, dragged myself to the bathroom, set the bath.  Put my book and glasses in there, went and found warm pj’s and slippers to put on, and then mixed up my spiritual bath (dead sea salt, bicarb, mugwort, calendular flowers, frankincense oil, cassia oil and a sprinkling of rosemary).  I sunk into that bath and it felt good.  I read my book whilst I had a soak, washed my hair, got out, got warm, made a hot chocolate and sat back down.  And do you know what happened after?  I picked up my laptop and actually managed to make sense of what I was doing, and put in an hour or so of work.  I went to bed feeling like I had actually achieved something.


I know that was a bit long winded, but it has got my point across.  We push ourselves so hard at times, and sometimes pointlessly because we do not look after us!  I needed the bath, that relaxation time, switching off and just enjoying the stress free moments to be able to come back at what I was doing with renewed focus and energy.

Why do we always deny ourself this?  Either we don’t have time, resources or money to be able to truly put ourselves first.  I am sure you could all probably think of a similar situation to mine (pretty boring as it was) that having some ‘you’ time may have helped.

So, how can I help you with this.  All of my services are planned around you.  From a reiki session that will help you to relax if nothing else (although the benefit are far more wide reaching than just relaxation) to a card reading that may give you some new direction that you hadn’t thought of, a workshop that can teach you how to mix your own spiritual bath to some gifts to lift your mood.  They are all about you, and I know how guilty I feel when I treat myself to any of these.  Let’s look at the why’s we don’t do them.

Time – We should always invest time in ourselves.  If you don’t, you will end up exhausted, and not able to function fully.  Even the busiest of business people spend time on themselves being pampered or working out.  10 minutes is a good start, an hour is even better.

Resources – This sort of ties in with the next section too.  You may feel that you can’t meditate without guidance – download a free app, bath time – even cheap table salt can aid in making your bath special.

Finances – A lot of us feel bad when we spend on ourselves, I know I do especially when the kids need so much.  And in this financial climate too, spending upwards of £40 on a reiki or massage session does seem indulgent.  But it really isn’t.  Budget around it, or find someone like me that is willing to discuss payment plans and options to help you achieve a relaxed state.

Remember self care is not selfish, it is important to be able to function effectively, if you aren’t working fully on yourself, how on earth can you give anything of yourself to help others and we should all set ourselves the time to do it.


Nikki xx


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